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Wordpress iPhone App – Blog On Your iPhone

Wordpress App Rates 4 and a half stars!

wordpress iPhone app Wordpress App For The iPhone! It just got easier to write your blog on the go, directly from your iPhone! If you are a blogger you have probably gone in search for some neat little iPhone application that allowed you to do your blogging from your iPhone. I know I certainly did. There are several apps available that let you blog from the iPhone. Having downloaded several of the Blog Writing Apps when I finally stumbled across the Free iPhone App By Wordpress which allows both Wordpress hosted & self hosted Wordpress bloggers alike to manage their blogs from their phone using this free app, I couldn’t stop myself!

Are you a wordpress blogger? If you are already familiar with wordpress and have a few blogs that use the wordpress blog CMS already then perhaps you should check out the wordpress app. It’s an easy find, go to the app store and search “wordpress”, it will pop right up for download and of course, best of all, it’s free! This app allows you to do your mobile blogging with ease. It’s a snap to configure and so far has worked bug free.

So let’s cover How To Setup Your Wordpress Blog On Your iPhone.

  1. First thing first! – Download the Wordpress App onto your iPhone.
  2. Pick which of your blogs you want to add to the wordpress app. Each blog has to be setup ahead of time on the phone in order to publish new blogs or manage your existing blog posts.
  3. In order to add your Blog onto the iPhone Wordpress App, You Must Be Using Wordpress version 2.5.1 or later on your blog
  4. Okay, here’s the important part to get your wordpress app and your blog communicating.
      wordpress writing settings
    • Go into your wordpress dashboard and go to the settings panel, and then to the writing settings page specifically.

    • Then, look for the XML-RPC checkbox and make certain you have that checked. This enables your wordpress blog for mobile publishing of your blogs, and so, what allows you to access your blog from your iPhone.wordpress XML RPC for mobile publishing of blogs via the iPhone
  5. Now it’s time to head back to your iPhone, you can start setting up the actual wordpress application for the iPhone now that these settings are in place on your blog control panel.
  6. Click on the wordpress app, and from the menu choose to “Add a New Blog”.
  7. wordpress app, setting up a new blog

  8. Here you can setup your iPhone to connect to your blog. Begin by filling in your blog’s URL, I use the full path to the website (blog) including the http://. So for example, I used as the website URL when setting up for use with the iPhone Wordpress App. Then simply put in your blog username, if you are the owner of the blog, it’s usually admin, followed by whatever you have made your password to your blog. Wordpress creates a random password for you by default which you can change in the settings for your blog to something a bit easier to remember should you wish. You can then choose how many posts you would like to be visible inside the app, as well as whether the wordpress app should automatically resize any images / photos you choose to upload with your blog posts. I would recommend keeping the image resize feature on as is the default. Save your settings and the wordpress app will automatically connect with your blog.

  9. You setup your first blog on the iphone wordpress app

  10. Once you have successfully added your blog to the wordpress app, you can see the blog name when starting the wordpress app from now on. Later you can change the settings of your blog if you need, or go right into the blog and start editing your favorite posts, write a new post directly from your iPhone, or monitor your comments right from the phone. Is This Handy Or What! A mobile blogger’s dream app!

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